Rite of Christrian Initiation of Adults - R.C.I.A.

RCIA Classes are held every Sunday per the Religious Education Schedule at 9:00 am, in the CCD Annex Classrooms. You do not need to be a registered RCIA student to attend the classes. Come and join us while your children are in CCD. Come and enjoy coffee and snacks with us as we discuss the topic of the week and increase our knowledge of the catholic faith as well as our understanding of the church and its teachings.

Topics For The 2017-2018 Classes:


RCIA Class Schedule, Topic and Instructor St. Anthony Parish Elmendorf, TX.


   DATE                                       TOPICS                                                    Teacher

9/10/2017          Introductions and Requirements                                   Gary Heimer

9/17/2017          Our Catholic Roots                                                        Jennifer Hoelscher

9/24/2017          God the Creator                                                            Janet Vrzalik

10/1/2017          The Fall and the Promise                                               Desi Martinez

10/8/2017          The Promise Fulfilled                                                      Kathy Smith

10/15/2017        Jesus the Savior                                                            Jennifer Hoelscher

10/22/2017        How to use the Catechism of the Catholic Church         Janet Vrzalik

10/29/2017        Jesus sends the Holy Spirit                                            Desi Martinez

11/5/2017          Sacraments of Initiation                                                Kathy Smith

11/12/2017        Sacraments of Healing                                                  Jennifer Hoelscher

12/3/2017          Angels                                                                           Desi Martinez

12/10/2017        Mary the Greatest of all Saints                                      Kathy Smith

12/17/2017        Attend CCD Christmas Pagent                                       PARISH HALL

1/7/2018            Jesus' Way of Loving                                                     Jennifer Hoelscher

1/14/2018          Living Gods Law                                                            Gary Heimer

1/21/2018          The 10 Commandents,  1,2 and3                                  Desi Martinez

1/28/2018          The 10 Commandents,  4,5 and 6                                 Janet Vrzalik

2/4/2018            The 10 Commandents 7,8,9 and 10                              Kathy Smith

2/11/2018          The Catholic Church                                                      Jennifer Hoelscher

2/18/2018          The Mass                                                                      Desi Martinez

2/25/2018          Life Everlasting                                                             Janet Vrzalik

3/4/2018            The Last 4 Things: Judgement and Purgatory              Kathy Smith

3/25/2018          The Last 4 Things: Heaven and Hell                             Janet Vrzalik

4/8/2018            In Service of Others                                                     Jennifer Hoelscher

4/15/2018          Apologetics                                                                  Desi Martinez


It is important that you attend every class. Excessive absences may require students to have a consultation with Fr. Kafara and complete a make-up research worksheet of the topics missed to be completed before date of confirmation.

Topics and Teachers subject to Change.



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Desi Martinez



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