Confirmation Candidate Meeting Schedule - Parents & Youth

Calendar for 2016-2017 - Confirmation Meetings 


Sept. 25th  - 9:30 am    First Communion & Confirmation Parent Meeting (followed by meeintg with Confirmation parents & students on requirements for Confirmation).

 Oct. 9th – 9:45am      Confirmation Meeting with Parents & Sponsors.

                              Submit confirmation name.

 Nov. 6th     BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATES DUE - No Exceptions


 January 7th      Confirmation Mini- Retreat  (11am – 3pm) -  REQUIRED TO ATTEND

February 26th       Turn in Community Service hours

                        A date has not been assigned for Confirmation.

It will take place in late March, April, May or June

 May God Bless You as you help prepare your Son and/or Daughter for this Special Occasion.